What is your family story? What do you want the next chapter to be?

Whittier Trust’s seasoned executives facilitate family meetings, guide the family governance structures, improve family communication, identify family values and plan for your legacy – all in an atmosphere of collaboration and fun. We help you:

  • Document and preserve your legacy in written and/or digital form
  • Intentionally write the next chapter, by establishing a unifying mission for the wealth and health of your family
  • Map family strengths and talents so each member is optimally valued and engaged
  • Facilitate topical workshops, including raising philanthropic children, developing next gen leaders, communication and decision-making, financial literacy and budgeting
  • Design and implement giving events and hands-on experiential exercises

Because we have been working exclusively with families of wealth since the 1930s, we are intimately familiar with the unique challenges they confront and can offer creative, thoughtful solutions tailored to their special circumstances.