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A Tradition of Service

Max Whittier came to California from Maine in the early 1900s, and he soon participated in a series of oil strikes. He owned a major portion of a successful oil property which became Belridge Oil. He and his partners also purchased another property, which after failing to produce oil they then turned into a successful real estate development. Today that development is better known as the city of Beverly Hills.


These oil and real estate investments became the primary source of wealth for the Whittier family, and in 1935, they established a family office to handle their personal and business matters. The Whittier family office managed the largest independent oil company in California while continuing to broaden its asset management services. In 1975, the office began to administer the first of the family's charitable foundations. In 1979, Belridge Oil was sold for the then record price of more than $3.65 billion.


By the end of the 1980s, the family office was reorganized to become Whittier Trust in order to combine the best aspects of a classic private family office with the advantages of a corporate fiduciary. Today, the Whittier wealth continues to grow, despite having passed through several generations.