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Increasing risk-adjusted returns through unique investment opportunities.

Alternative assets often serve to reduce overall portfolio volatility by adding exposure that has a low correlation with traditional asset classes. Whittier Trust has extensive experience purchasing and holding both public and non-public, less liquid alternative assets. Our conflict-free platform, size and consulting experience allows us to access best of breed managers and exclusive opportunities.

Private Equity and Venture Capital — we have “hands on” experience with direct buyout and venture capital investments. We analyze the underlying holdings within private equity funds based on a capital markets analysis as well as our own experience with private equity transactions.

Hedge Funds — we have established relationships with a wide variety of proven external hedge fund managers.

Investment Real Estate — we invest directly in multi-family and commercial properties. Recognizing that real estate is a multi-faceted asset class, we therefore invest, own and hold properties for various purposes. As a pure investment, we source opportunities for our clients and hold the investment for the long term. In addition, Whittier Trust also has the capacity to hold your property in trust and act as an asset manager.

Commodities — we make direct commodity and infrastructure investments and can complement these positions with outside funds and different partnership structures.

Impact Investing and Socially Responsible Investing — we are able to work with you to invest in companies and organizations that directly impact the community creating tangible social and/or environmental impact while simultaneously generating economic returns.

Our approach to alternative assets allows us access to exclusive opportunities.