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A commitment to stocks.

In most instances, an allocation to equities is paramount for maintaining not only the purchasing power of your wealth, but also growing your portfolio over time. We design equity portfolios around the principal of total return which incorporates both price appreciation and income received from your investments.

We strive to own a well-diversified portfolio of fundamentally strong businesses that have above-average growth prospects and attractive valuations. Our focus on quality franchises leads us to own companies with long-term sustainable competitive advantages, a management team that has demonstrated a track record of excellence, a strong market position, and sound financials. Quality companies often have more predictable and consistent earnings and cash flows than their peers, allowing them to perform over a complete market cycle. We also maintain the discipline to sell or reduce our position once the market price has reached our calculation of fair value.

Our approach is based on your total return – price appreciation and income to not only maintain your wealth, but grow it as well.