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Fixed Income

  • High quality fixed income vehicles increase stability and confidence in uncertain times.
  • Fixed Income holdings can reduce overall portfolio volatility through diversification and provide stable, predictable cash flows. We design bond portfolios to meet income needs and preserve capital. However, we also proactively look to add to incremental returns primarily through duration, credit spreads, and currency management.
  • We actively manage fixed income strategies for tax exempt and taxable clients. Direct ownership of individual bonds increases your ability to customize and avoid embedded fees.
  • Our tax-conscious strategies are not restricted to municipal bonds and dynamically seek the best after-tax return across the entire fixed income universe resulting in better overall yields.
  • Our fixed income approach includes:
    • Analyzing issuers to identify cash flows, maturity concentrations, and interest coverage
    • Comparing historic credit spreads among various fixed income instruments to find relative outperformers
    • Taking advantage of different credit structures and features depending on market conditions
    • Capitalizing on inefficiencies along the yield curve to enhance returns

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