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Preserving and growing wealth by maximizing after tax, risk-adjusted returns.

At Whittier Trust, we strive to protect and grow your wealth over multiple generations through superior after-tax returns. Utilizing extensive sources of research, our portfolio managers combine thoughtful, fundamental analysis and quantitative screening tools to achieve superior returns.

We recognize it is not the percentage gain but the value you keep that is most important. This requires a long-term focus on superior after-tax returns. The impact of taxes on investment results may seem tolerable year by year, but multi-year tax savings generate significant wealth over generational time frames. We conduct internal proprietary research and utilize research from investment managers, investment banks, and independent research firms to identify the best investments across multiple asset classes. The combination of internal and external research gives Whittier Trust’s portfolio managers a unique vantage point that combines macroeconomic forecasts and individual company analysis. With this cohesive approach, we identify opportunities to create value for clients.

Our focus is primarily on individual equity and fixed income securities. Using individual securities provides several advantages including:

  • Deferring, avoiding or transferring capital gains
  • Providing the flexibility to diversify around legacy concentrations without over-concentrating in specific sectors
  • Customizing investment portfolios to meet your unique views, desires, and goals whether that is a socially responsible approach or a desire to mitigate sector specific risks

Each investment portfolio is specific to your needs, and created in close collaboration with you.

Overview Brochure

Investment Management Brochure

“Whittier has the amazing ability to give advice and to put you into investments that fit just you. You feel like you are the only client they have when they work with you. I have never seen that with anybody else.”

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, Whittier Trust client

A commitment to stocks.

In most instances, an allocation to equities is paramount for maintaining not only the purchasing power of your wealth, but also growing your portfolio over time. We design equity portfolios around the principal of total return which incorporates both price appreciation and income received from your investments.

We strive to own a well-diversified portfolio of fundamentally strong businesses that have above-average growth prospects and attractive valuations. Our focus on quality franchises leads us to own companies with long-term sustainable competitive advantages, a management team that has demonstrated a track record of excellence, a strong market position, and sound financials. Quality companies often have more predictable and consistent earnings and cash flows than their peers, allowing them to perform over a complete market cycle. We also maintain the discipline to sell or reduce our position once the market price has reached our calculation of fair value.

Our approach is based on your total return – price appreciation and income to not only maintain your wealth, but grow it as well.


Increased stability and confidence in uncertain times.

Fixed Income holdings can reduce overall portfolio volatility through diversification and provide stable, predictable cash flows. We design bond portfolios to meet income needs and preserve capital. However, we also look to add to incremental returns primarily through duration, credit spread, and currency management.

At Whittier Trust, we recognize that fixed income instruments are not risk free; principal value can be negatively impacted during a rising interest rate environment. We work with you to help ensure you avoid the unnecessary risks that are often inherent in each asset class.

Our fixed income approach includes:

  • Analyzing issuers to identify cash flows, maturity concentrations, and interest coverage
  • Comparing historic credit spreads among various fixed income instruments to find relative outperformers
  • Taking advantage of different credit structures and features depending on market conditions
  • Capitalizing on inefficiencies along the yield curve to enhance cash flows and returns

Fixed Income can provide a stable, predictable cash flow.


Increasing risk-adjusted returns through unique investment opportunities.

Alternative assets often serve to reduce overall portfolio volatility by adding exposure that has a low correlation with traditional asset classes. Whittier Trust has extensive experience purchasing and holding both public and non-public, less liquid alternative assets. Our conflict-free platform, size and consulting experience allows us to access best of breed managers and exclusive opportunities.

Private Equity and Venture Capital — we have “hands on” experience with direct buyout and venture capital investments. We analyze the underlying holdings within private equity funds based on a capital markets analysis as well as our own experience with private equity transactions.

Hedge Funds — we have established relationships with a wide variety of proven external hedge fund managers.

Investment Real Estate — we invest directly in multi-family and commercial properties. Recognizing that real estate is a multi-faceted asset class, we therefore invest, own and hold properties for various purposes. As a pure investment, we source opportunities for our clients and hold the investment for the long term. In addition, Whittier Trust also has the capacity to hold your property in trust and act as an asset manager.

Commodities — we make direct commodity and infrastructure investments and can complement these positions with outside funds and different partnership structures.

Impact Investing and Socially Responsible Investing — we are able to work with you to invest in companies and organizations that directly impact the community creating tangible social and/or environmental impact while simultaneously generating economic returns.

Our approach to alternative assets allows us access to exclusive opportunities.