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The Next Chapter explores the ways in which the depth, breadth and expertise of the Whittier Trust team have made a real, lasting difference in the lives and legacies of actual clients. By getting to really know our clients as unique individuals, we go beyond the transactional to develop comprehensive, holistic solutions that ensure that every chapter of life is rich, fulfilling and building on each family’s proud legacy.

An unimaginable diagnosis.
Building a bridge to the future.
What he gave them was priceless.
A forgotten birthday reminded him of what he'd found.
An unimaginable diagnosis.
Building a bridge to the future.
What he gave them was priceless.

An unimaginable diagnosis.

A story of life, death and devotion.

Justin doesn’t remember the day his Mom died, or when his Dad died. He just remembers the ranch he grew up on and Mary and her family who were with him and his brother from the time they were young.

Justin also remembers a nice woman who came every so often to look around, talk to the family housekeeper and visit. He thought it was funny that she wore black high heels that got covered with the ranch’s dark red soil every time she came. Until years later, Justin didn’t know this woman was his parents’ financial advisor from Whittier Trust.

Justin’s dad, Jim, had recently retired from a successful career in publishing when he and his wife moved with their two young kids to a ranch on the Central Coast. He was looking for a firm to help manage their assets. Sadly, Jim’s wife unexpectedly passed away soon after the move, so he was caring for the two boys on his own.

“The meeting with Jim was all business. Pointed questions about Whittier Trust’s investment approach, performance, capabilities,” said Susan, their Whittier Trust Client Advisor. As we described the range of Whittier Trust’s services, Jim slipped us a type-written note that explained he had terminal cancer and six months to live. It was time to make sure his affairs were in order. The meeting took on a new urgency.

“As the meeting went on it was as if the note was never passed, we were not talking about the boys,” Susan recalled. “It was clear that investment strategies were easy for Jim to talk about — his boys’ future was much more difficult.”

But Jim did start to talk about the future. Eventually, the question was asked: What was the most important thing for Jim to know before his time came? The conversation was emotional, but his answer was simple. Jim wanted to know his boys’ lives would go on uninterrupted. That they could continue going to the school they loved, keep living on the ranch, and be taken care of by the housekeeper they knew and loved. He wanted to be sure that their future was secure.

Over the course of the next few months, Whittier mapped out a detailed strategy so that Jim was secure in the knowledge that his sons would be well taken care of. They arranged for the boy’s nanny to live at the ranch to care for the boys, how the ranch would be run and how the family’s assets would be managed into the future

Jim soon passed away but did so assured that his boys and their assets were in the best of hands.

That same slightly out of place woman in the high heels who often visited the ranch was there to celebrate Justin completing high school and again the day she accompanied him off to college.

Justin and his brother don’t live on the ranch anymore, but it’s still in the family. Whittier Trust has always been there focused on ensuring Jim’s most important assets, his sons, were raised to become responsible, productive adults. The firm continues to be integral in the family’s wellbeing – just as they have now done for three decades.

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