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Real Estate & Energy

More options to secure your future.

When appropriate, we provide clients with assistance in alternative investments. The three predominant types are energy (oil and gas), direct private equity, and real estate. Strategically pairing capital market investments with alternate investments provides a stronger foundation for growth potential.

The client perspective: Real Estate & Energy

The Whittier family’s fortune was founded in oil, gas and real estate; as a result, we’ve been actively involved in these investments from our inception.


Understanding the wealth creation potential of real estate.

A hallmark of a well-structured portfolio, real estate assets provide a multitude of benefits that encompass not only wealth creation and cash flow but also tax advantages. From acquisition to disposition, and the management in between, the professionals at Whittier Trust contribute the “in-the-field expertise” necessary to reduce risks and achieve investment goals. Whether you are an experienced real estate property owner, an investor, or a beneficiary looking for that right opportunity, the professionals at Whittier Trust can be the resource that helps you meet your real estate investment objectives.


Pursuing energy investments based on a century of knowledge.

Whittier Energy Group focuses on global energy opportunities through both corporate and asset level investments. Investments are focused on lower middle market transactions ($25-$100mm) with a sub focus on exploration and production.

Additionally, the group manages a significant amount of oil and gas assets for its trust and agency clients. The assets mainly consist of non-operated working interests and mineral interests.