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A Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Your Investment Goals.

You have spent a lifetime building and securing your wealth. We can help you protect and grow that wealth through our comprehensive and personal approach to wealth investment management and consulting.  We start by understanding who you are, assessing your immediate needs, and analyzing how your long-term goals are likely to impact what you will need in the long term. Using this information, we design a custom wealth and investment portfolio that maximizes risk-adjusted, after-tax returns and perpetuates the growth and transfer of your wealth.

Our holistic approach to wealth investment management allows us to select investments unique to every client’s individual goals, without being pressured to fit clients into existing investment products.

The client perspective: Investments

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We’ve developed a Wealth Management Framework to analyze, evaluate and enhance your total wealth management picture.


It begins with seeing the big picture.

Wealth management is much more than just investment management; and not knowing the difference can be costly to legacy building. Indeed, the term is elusive and has different meanings depending upon whom you ask. To give structure and a methodology to help analyze, evaluate and enhance your total wealth management picture, we developed a Wealth Management Framework.


Leverage independent thinking to get results.

We offer a full array of investment consulting services, encompassing asset allocation, investment policy statement creation, manager due diligence and selection, and performance measurement, including customized benchmarks. As a privately-owned company, our advice and approach are free from conflicts of interest while our extensive investment experience gives us the expertise to understand complex investments. Investments can be made across the capital structure, and we recognize that value can be created in different parts of this structure depending on economic conditions, interest rate environments and the terms of an investment. By being neutral to how an investment is made (through debt, equity or a preferred position), we can effectively balance your needs and returns with the risks associated with different managers and their value-creating strategies.

Our consulting services include:

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment policy statement creation
  • Manager searches and selection
  • Due diligence
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Hiring and termination of managers
  • Customized performance benchmarks
  • Financial reporting

How We Are Different

  • Flexible – customized portfolio down to the individual security level
  • Approachable – you have direct access to your portfolio manager
  • Focus on after-tax returns and wealth preservation
  • Not a broker-dealer — conflict free platform
  • Access to exclusive investment opportunities

We scan the marketplace to find unique investment opportunities with skilled outside investment managers.