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What does your wealth mean to you?

If your definition of wealth is what’s truly important and lasting, we share the same philosophy. At Whittier Trust, we pay attention to both the tangible and intangible aspects of family wealth – and have done so for over four generations.

We have refined our singular focus on the business of wealth management since 1935. Today, Whittier Trust offers a breadth of financial services and expertise supported by an exceptional commitment to personal service reflecting our family office roots. We collaborate closely with our clients and their advisors to tailor investment strategies that meet their unique needs, goals, and values—in other words, we focus on what your wealth means to you.

We are:

  • Focused and independent
  • The oldest and largest multifamily office headquartered on the West Coast
  • Committed to highly responsive client service
  • The comprehensive wealth management solution

“What Whittier provides for me beyond the tangible is the feeling that I can rest easy knowing that I worked really, really hard for the things that I have built over time and that preserving it, leveraging it, protecting it is something that I don’t have to worry about.”

Jim Lobdell, Whittier Trust client