Real estate is an incredibly powerful investment tool and constitutes a key holding for many wealthy individuals.

Our deep roots in real estate stem back to the origins of Whittier Trust and the Whittier Family’s involvement in the development of Beverly Hills. Those roots have continued to grow over the years into an important area of expertise. 

While many asset managers avoid direct ownership of real assets, Whittier Trust has a team of unbiased professionals who are exclusively dedicated to the active management of real assets.

Sensitive to the emotional dynamics surrounding a real asset portfolio, we offer stewardship of legacy commercial and residential portfolios as well as active sourcing of new investment opportunities. 

We offer fiduciary services, proactive oversight, protection for real assets, and access to unique investment opportunities to maintain and grow our clients’ real asset portfolios. 

We believe: 

  • Each real estate asset is unique and requires a tailored business plan. 
  • Appropriate protection and significant growth is only achieved through proactive oversight.

At Whittier Trust, it all starts with you. We get to know you, your real estate assets, and your unique circumstances. 

Once we understand and build a comprehensive summary of your holdings, we assess your situation, identify key areas for action, and introduce a specialized team tailored to fit your needs. 

That team will make informed recommendations based on your goals, execute a mutually agreed upon plan, and continually monitor and review your assets.

For more information about our real estate capabilities and real asset services, contact us by phone or through email.

“Whittier Trust has brought the expertise necessary to our family’s real estate portfolio to restore harmony and allow us to make better decisions as a family. Not only do we have more time to focus on our aging loved ones, but we know that our trusted advisor is looking out for future generations as well.“

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