At Whittier Trust, our goal is to help you align your values and your wealth, while minimizing the demands of your philanthropic journey.

Our mission is to carry out yours.

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals with a heart for philanthropy and the experience to help you reach your charitable goals. With backgrounds in tax, law, family and corporate philanthropy, and nonprofit management, our Philanthropic Services Department draws on a formidable knowledge of the nonprofit community to maximize your giving impact.

We understand how daunting it can be to design a grant-making program that genuinely moves the needle on the issues you care about. In addition to offering guidance on best practices in giving, we can introduce you to charitable vehicles that are most appropriate for you. 

Once we have a deep understanding of your circumstances and the goals you and your family want to accomplish philanthropically, we create a customized plan and build you a dedicated and responsive service team to shoulder the administrative burdens. That way, you can focus on giving and experience the joy of philanthropy.

As a holistic and client-centric office, your service team will also include investment management professionals. Establishing a legacy of giving that can last in perpetuity necessitates protecting your philanthropic assets and growing the corpus of your charitable entity. We can help your investments work on behalf of your charitable mission.

We strive to develop meaningful, personal relationships with our clients through warmth, respect, professionalism, and transparency. We value every interaction we have with your grantees, trusted advisors, and fellow philanthropists. 

At Whittier Trust, we believe that philanthropy is about you, your family and your values.  Whether or not you identify as “philanthropic”,  intentional philanthropic practice can be a powerful tool for promoting unity and successful communication within the family, as well as an effective instrument for tax and estate planning. Our clients often tell us they had no idea that engaging a professional philanthropic advisor could have such a positive impact on their families.


To learn more about our philanthropic capabilities and our charitable giving services, contact us by phone or email.

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