Our Family Office is the Heart and Soul of Whittier Trust.

True to our roots as a single-family office for the Whittier family beginning in 1935, we continue to offer a comprehensive suite of family office and concierge services. We specialize in family office services and wealth management, catering to our clients' personal, family, and business needs with a unique perspective for problem-solving, support, and consultation.

What Makes Us Different from Other Family Offices in California and the West Coast? 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing family office or you’re starting from scratch, Whittier Trust stands out from other family offices by providing advice that prioritizes your family's best interests, free from any corporate agenda. We don't operate as mere vendors pushing proprietary products; instead, we treat you and your family as partners, seamlessly integrating all aspects of your needs, aspirations, and values to create tailor-made solutions.

Family Office Services

At our family office, we offer a wide range of services to address your requirements, ranging from routine tasks such as bill pay to more intricate endeavors like coordinating customized insurance reviews and conducting sophisticated estate and income tax analyses. Our team of experienced experts excels at balance sheet management and optimization, navigating the growing complexity and risk that accompany expanding wealth.

Here at Whittier Trust, we look to set the tone for how a family office service should work with clients, and it begins with our extraordinary team of professionals, adept at handling the intricacies of your specific situation. Our advisors possess the skills to manage day-to-day activities, the expertise to uncover efficiencies across all your interests, and the experience to think strategically about the bigger picture.

Family Office and Wealth Management

We firmly believe that understanding the history and origins of your family's achievements is vital in planning for the success of current and future generations. If succession planning is on the horizon, we can assist in preparing for the transition, while offering stewardship training to empower younger family members.

Whittier Trust's commitment to putting clients first has been ingrained in our DNA from our first family office in Southern California to our family office in Seattle and beyond. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and cultivate lasting relationships along the way. If you are looking for an exemplary Family Office Service, look no further than Whittier Trust.

To learn more about our family office services, contact us by phone or email.



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