Jan 12th

Actionable Ideas: Above Trend Growth in 2022

The last three years have produced some of the most extreme backdrops in the history of global economies and markets.  We were still in the midst of the longest expansion ever in the U.S. in 2019.  The only cloud on the horizon to disturb the calm back then was the question of when the cycle would eventually end.

We didn’t have to wait long for our answer as a global pandemic tore the world apart in early 2020.  The ensuing chaos was unprecedented as we experienced profound human pain and suffering and also the deepest and shortest recession ever.  Medical innovation and robust policy responses led us out of the abyss and into the remarkable post-Covid recovery of 2021.

Another new normal has emerged in the aftermath of the pandemic.  As we look ahead, we are in unchartered territory in terms of the anticipated decline in stimulus, the speed and nature of recent inflationary pressures, economic and profit growth sustainability, and the risk of reverting to the mean from elevated valuations.

Please join Sandip Bhagat, Whittier’s Chief Investment Officer,  as he discusses our outlook for the economy and markets in 2022.

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