May 11th

Continuing Ed for OC’s Community of Business

A single day last week bought a plethora of practical and poignant reminders that business is about continuing education at is core … It started at the Pacific Club, where Whittier Trust gathered a group of friends and clients for a recent breakfast and outlook, with CIO Sandip A. Bhagat chatting up legendary “value investor” Mario Gabelli. You might know Jim Doti from his days running Chapman U, or Scott McGregor from his time as CEO of Broadcom—and that very pair sat side by side and looked quite studious as they continued their education, courtesy of Whittier Trust, which counts Doti as a director, by the way … A crowd of more than 600 at Hotel Irvine got educated about the 10,000 military veterans getting ready for the civilian workforce as college students in OC. The lesson came at the Second Annual OC Real Estate Luncheon, which helps vets in various ways, with sponsors pitching in under the banner of the Orange County Community Foundation, and employees of retail real estate investor and manager Donahue Schriber covering the cost of the luncheon itself … Kudos to Pat Donahue, who leads the effort with an amiable drive that brings to mind Pat O’Brien playing Knute Rockne—and not just because Donahue and his brothers went to Notre Dame High School up in the San Fernando Valley … Editor-at-Large Rick Reiff brought out a few lessons from Ed Thorp when he interviewed the professor-turned-card-counter-turned-quant-turned-author in front of a rapt audience at the Beckman Center. Among them: the reason Thorp doesn’t reveal his IQ, which he learned by breaking into his school files as a young whiz kid on a tough campus in South L.A. Most folks are “ladder people,” according to Thorp—anxious to figure out if someone is above or below them in whatever pecking order might be applied. “I don’t think in terms of hierarchy,” he told the crowd in his polite, plainspoken manner, which seems to illustrate his point and sell books—his recently published “A Man for All Markets” continues to make best-seller charts … Wealthy men are envied by many, powerful men are often feared, but men of character are trusted by all. That was the lesson Ralph Linzmeier gave the crowd at the Irvine Marriott, where the OC Council of the Boy Scouts of America put its trust in Allen Fazio of The Word & Brown Companies, Emile Haddad of FivePoint Holdings, Jeff Herzfeld of Teva Pharmaceuticals, Stuart Lowe of TriVista Business Group, Glenn Marinelli of FoodPharma, Joe Baldo of Higher Ground Youth & Family Services and Wells Fargo vet John Evans as Men of Char-acter for 2017 … The Harvard Business School Association of OC will take advantage of a unique local opportunity for continuing education this week by hosting a talk with Tam and Linh Nguyen. The brother and sister took over Little Saigon-based Advance Beauty College from their parents—refugees of the Vietnam War—and have built it into a second-generation family-owned business lauded for its “leadership, innovation and commitment to giving back to the community” … Sullivan Says: Anyone who wants a quick education on discount retail done respectfully and right should swing by the Indoor Swap Meet at Beach Boulevard and Cerritos Avenue in Stanton.

SOURCE: OC Insider

OC Insider by Jerry Sullivan
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