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Family Office

Tailored to meet your specific needs

Significant wealth is often accompanied by a high degree of complexity. Our deep understanding of these complexities allows us to work with families to simplify and coordinate their overall wealth management. Our expansive array of Family Office Services are tailored to meet each clients specific needs. These services can be used as a gateway to a higher level of organization and centralization of your financial affairs. By streamlining the administration and stewardship of your wealth, we relieve you of the burdensome details and afford you the peace of mind of knowing that we thoroughly understand your overall financial picture.

We administer your day-to-day financial affairs so that you don’t have to worry about the little things turning into big things. We coordinate your overall financial affairs with your various advisors, house your documents and records in a centralized location and provide customized reporting to fit your particular needs. In addition, our team coordinates family meetings and assists your family in business succession planning and wealth education. We can assist you with such items as bill payment, payroll services, cash flow analysis and fund transfers.

The client perspective: Family Office

Family Office Brochure

Family Office Brochure

“I truly, truly respect them for the kind of service they give us, and I know that they are the best. They made our life very easy, the transition from working to retirement.”

Shushan Simon, Whittier Trust client