Mar 25th

Is ‘Doing Good’ Good for your Portfolio?

As environmental and social issues come to the forefront of the agenda of many individual investors when working with an advisor, trickling down from the shift led by large endowments and foundations, the question stands – is it profitable to make investment decisions aligned with values that will have a positive impact on our world?

Studies have shown that having a socially conscious lens toward investment can have a positive impact on portfolio performance, taking into account that organizations that highly regard social values are likely to take an ethical approach across all of their operations driving long-term profitability.

There are different approaches to building an investment portfolio that reflects a commitment to varied Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues such as selling stocks that are not representative of your stance on the issue (“negative screening”), or funding organizations that are driving beneficial impact in this area (“social impact investing”). As with any investment decision, individuals need to take a broad view of the overall goals and stance of their portfolios when pursuing ESG focused investing.

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