The Nevada Advantage

Creating trusts in Nevada is an increasingly popular choice for affluent individuals and families, as Nevada’s unique laws offer great advantages for tax savings, asset protection and maximizing flexibility.

The Whittier Trust Company of Nevada is a full-service trust company, offering exclusive clientele the following services:

  • Income tax savings
  • Estate tax savings
  • Generation-skipping transfer tax savings
  • Asset protection
  • Administrative flexibility (decanting)
  • 365-year trust life 
  • Directed trusts

Trusts have a profound and lasting impact on families. It is our responsibility to thoughtfully weave together and balance the purpose of the trust with the needs of the beneficiaries. 

We seek to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of our clients by building a unique team for, and creating a tailored strategy towards, what is important to you, your wealth, your family and your legacy. 

By continually and proactively managing every particular of a client’s unique situation, we offer true full-service wealth management whether the situs is in California or Nevada. 

By moving a situs to Nevada, Whittier trust finds a better way to accomplish our clients’ desires by: 

  • Minimizing state income tax
  • Increasing the value of a trust over time 
  • Maximizing potential benefits for countless family members and future generations 

Your legacy is our business. To learn more about the Nevada Advantage and our trust services, contact us by phone, (800) 971-3660, or through email.

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