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What does your giving mean to you?

Charitable giving can mean different things to different families: preserving a family legacy, uniting family around a common purpose, or having a measurable impact on issues they most care about.

At Whittier Trust, we have experienced first-hand the invaluable role philanthropy services can play in nurturing a family’s human capital as well as the profound impact it can have on our local and global communities. A philanthropic practice allows families to creatively problem solve, practice sound financial management and collaborate effectively while acting in the public good. Because these are also the skills required to be effective leaders, it’s no wonder that philanthropic families are most successful at stewarding the family’s resources through subsequent generations.

Whether through private philanthropic services or public support, Our goal is to minimize the demands and maximize the rewards of your philanthropic journey.  Our only mission is to carry out yours.

Philanthropy Brochure
Philanthropy Services Brochure

“The most valued aspect of Whittier Trust is the fact that I can always count on them, because they are always there for me. Whittier Trust is my family.”

Patti DeVault, Whittier Trust client