Philanthropic Advising and Consulting 2021-07-15T11:04:51-07:00


Your philanthropy is all about your personal, family and community goals.

We work closely with you and your attorney, CPA and other trusted advisors to ensure that your philanthropic objectives seamlessly integrate into your estate, tax and wealth management plans.

Listening carefully, we can help you identify common values and define or refine your charitable goals. We help you structure significant gifts to achieve your objectives while maximizing tax deductions. We work with you to determine the most effective giving vehicle and develop or refine your mission statement and grantmaking guidelines. Drawing on decades of experience in law, tax, and nonprofit and foundation administration, our experienced professionals can also help you establish effective governance structures and policies, as well as orient and train new board members or trustees. Getting started with your philanthropy, or taking it to a new or different level, can seem daunting without the right support in place. Let us help you make it easy and rewarding instead.

We have decades of experience in law, tax and nonprofit and foundation administration.