Whittier Trust - AndrevanNiekerk

André B. van Niekerk

Senior Vice President, Business Development

South Pasadena, CA

Dr. van Niekerk’s field of expertise lies in both Higher Education and the Corporate world. He is especially adept at strategically positioning organizations through well-defined Planning and Marketing. Throughout his career, his attention has been focused on Education (Schools of Business) and International Consulting, (Advertising, Automotive – including Mercedes-Benz, Smart, BMW, and Volvo, Branding, Entertainment, Telecommunications, Health Care Technologies, Health Care Associations, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing, and Foreign Governments.)

He has held various positions in academia, including as a senior faculty, Business School Dean and Vice President of Advancement. He also co-founded the Carl Benz Academy in Beijing, China, to facilitate the graduate education for executives of Mercedes-Benz, China Limited. In the private sector he held positions as Associate Director of UCLA Medical Center as well as the UCLA Medical Group, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning for both National Medical Enterprises (Tenet) and UniHealth America – two major Health Care Corporations, and as General Vice President with the Adventist Health System in their Sunbelt Division.

Andre received his B.A. from Pacific Union College, his M. A. from Andrews University and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

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