Webinar: Wealth Planning In Today’s Volatile Environment

In the past decade, we have seen an unprecedented era of low market volatility and positive returns. Conversely, what goes up must come down. With the recent return to bear market territory and high volatility, now is an opportune time to consider wealth planning strategies for your family. Although market volatility can be unsettling for investors, this type of climate can also present estate planning opportunities. In fact, when markets enter into correction, there are several estate planning options that become more attractive.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage gifts to avoid taxes
  • Structure your estate plan for maximum flexibility
  • Identify which planning tools are best in times of market volatility

Join Whittier Trust’s Victoria Kahn, Senior Vice President, Nevada Regional Manager, Nevada Office, and Barbara Spector, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of Family Business Magazine, as they discuss wealth planning strategies for your family in the face of volatile markets.

This webinar is sponsored by Whittier Trust & Family Business Magazine.