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Providing the confidence and peace of mind you seek.

When the time comes that you need additional support and continuity to protect and transition your family’s wealth, you can choose an individual to act as a fiduciary, or you can choose a professional fiduciary to ensure continuity for successive generations.

While choosing a trustee or executor is often framed by emotion, it is important to consider factors like resources, impartiality, expertise, availability and continuity. In many cases, an individual fiduciary may possess some but not all of these strengths. To complement these qualities, families frequently turn to a corporate fiduciary to work alongside a trusted advisor, family member, or friend.

Whether acting as trustee, executor or as agent for family members in a fiduciary role, we bring decades of experience and knowledge to the table. Since families and the entities they create are our sole focus, we are by necessity and experience, flexible and creative. Our organizational structure promotes long-term relationship building, nimble decision making and seamless communication to you and those important to you.

Choosing a Trustee Brochure

“I feel totally confident that they will act as I would want them to act, if I’m not around.”

Ambassador Glen Holden, Whittier Trust client

The client perspective: Trust Services