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A Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Your Investment Goals

  • You have spent a lifetime building and securing your wealth. Whittier Trust can help you protect and grow that wealth through our comprehensive and personal approach to investment management and consulting.  We start by understanding who you are, assessing your immediate needs, and analyzing your long-term goals and aspirations. We then design a custom investment portfolio that enhances your wealth by maximizing risk-adjusted, after-tax returns and perpetuating the growth of your investable assets across generations.
  • Our holistic approach to investment management allows us to select investments unique to your individual goals.

Our Wealth Management Framework — Customized to analyze, evaluate and enhance your assets and your legacy

  • It begins with seeing the big picture. At Whittier Trust, we use the balance sheet approach. We believe investment decisions should not be made in a silo, but instead should be the result of a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of existing and future needs that support both your tangible and intangible goals.
  • Wealth management and investment management are often assumed to be synonymous, but nothing could be further from the truth; and not knowing the difference can be costly to legacy building. “Wealth management” as a term is elusive and can have different meanings depending upon who you ask. To us, true wealth management is the integration of your wealth with your family’s unique situation and goals.

How Our Approach to Wealth Management is Different

  • Direct ownership – we remove and reduce your costs by constructing your portfolio using individual stocks and bonds.
  • Flexible – portfolios are customized to your unique risk exposures down to the individual security level.
  • Approachable – you have direct access to your portfolio manager.
  • We focus on after-tax returns to promote wealth preservation.
  • We are not a broker-dealer – our conflict free platform allows us to develop investment solutions across a variety of asset classes and deploy them only to best serve your unique needs.
  • You will have access to exclusive investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you in a product driven environment.

The client perspective: Investments

Investment Brochure

We’ve developed a Wealth Management Framework to analyze, evaluate and enhance your total wealth management picture.