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Whittier Trust has been managing assets for affluent individuals and their families for decades. We know that taking a holistic approach helps us better understand how all the pieces fit together. In addition to top-tier internal management, we provide access to best-in-class outside managers. Our hybrid architecture provides the best of both worlds through a client-centric management process.

Managing core assets in-house, including multiple styles of equities, fixed income, and real estate, allows us to customize portfolios, align investments with client values, enhance after-tax returns and better manage risk. External managers complement our internally-managed core strategies with unique opportunities and facilitate exposure to a diverse selection of investment vehicles.

Taking a holistic approach to wealth management ensures that our advisors never forget about the little things.

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Sometimes to hold on to the past, you must embrace a bigger future.

Patrick is more than my advisor. He’s been there through all of our milestones, from selling our company to watching our two daughters grow up. I confided in him about wanting to help my daughters enhance their income. While I planned to transfer them some of my stocks, Patrick worried about it affecting my liquidity. Knowing the inner workings of my balance sheet, he offered an alternative solution using a charitable trust, suggesting I fund it with artwork I had recently stored away. I was delighted to find out that we could sell the artwork free of capital gains tax and get my children an annuity stream of income—problem solved! Not only did he find a creative solution, but he saw to it that the trust would ultimately support a philanthropic cause near and dear to my heart. Patrick didn’t offer the easiest solution. Instead, he looked at the big picture and found an option that supported all of my goals. One that he wouldn’t have known without paying attention to the little things.

— Katherine, West Hollywood

He said, “happy birthday.” I heard, “You can trust me.”

Nobody remembered my birthday, but I didn’t mind because I’d forgotten it too–until David called to wish me well. He asked me what I was up to, and I spent 20 minutes venting to him about the fruitless venture capital meeting I’d just left. David offered up another VC source immediately. I didn’t even have to ask, and, better yet, it actually panned out. Whether it’s a friend, or a financial advisor like David, the cornerstone of a successful relationship is genuine respect for, and interest in, another person. And that shows up in the little things.

— Patrick, San Francisco


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It was more than just a race. It was a lesson on teamwork, preparation, and resilience.

It was the last of three consecutive days of sailing, and Haley Kirk Dahl was staring down a turn that would likely decide the ISAF Team Racing World Championship. She knew that a slight maladjustment of the sail or a mistimed shift in body weight could cost her team valuable distance up the course. These lessons were hard taught to her by her father at a young age, and Haley still carries those values of preparation, teamwork and resilience even now as an advisor at Whittier Trust. Her clients trust her with their most valuable assets, their families and their legacy, and Haley repays that trust with the same attention to detail that won her the World Championship almost a decade ago.


Anyone could manage our family Trust but he earned our family’s trust.

Scout always made Pop Pop smile and smiles were hard to come by at the end. We wanted him to be happy but the hospital said, “Absolutely no dogs allowed.” I don’t know what Tim said or did, but he arranged for us to bring Scout in before Pop Pop passed. I’ve never seen him happier and more at peace than when he was sitting with his beloved dog. Tim could make us millions of dollars managing our portfolio, and he has, but he’ll never give us anything more valuable than that moment because true worth is in the little things.

— David, Santa Barbara

The right preparation, people and equipment, can calm any sea.

Our CEO David Dahl was 1,800 miles into the Transpac race, surrounded by nothing but choppy water and his crewmates, when the boom vang exploded. He became uneasily aware he was closer to the International Space Station than he was to shore. Amidst this harrowing experience, David reflected on a powerful lesson he would later bring back to share with us at Whittier Trust. Whether you’re sailing, or experiencing one of life’s great undertakings, the importance of having the right people, preparation and tools to support you, cannot be underestimated. Because even in the most disheartening moments, they can make all the difference. A lesson that can be passed down from generation to generation, is the importance of the little things.



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Whittier Trust Presents: The War on Ukraine 

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